new season


ok now that the festive season is done so is koze kuse (thank Godness)


we in the 8th day of 2015 but I’m sure you have some clue of what you want this year to look like or you know exactly how it will look like…

I know I sound cliché right now I do pretty much believe in setting goals…  GOALS I call them. not new years resolutions SO WHAT I DO IS I jot down at least five things I need to work on THAT year, and trust you me if you work hard in archiving the goal come November you’ll be ticking out the last goal to be archived. not forgetting to pray while doing all the work  cause nothing is impossible with God yeah yeah I know what You thinking #typical Christian any who that’s a discussion for another day.

late last year I found myself in a state of contentment for the very first time in my life, and just when the year was ending I fell in love OR rather should i say I had a crush and lost all the peace mmm. I seriously fail to understand how the heart operates one minute you happy then boom out of nowhere you suddenly feel like you missing something or you’ve lost something you never even had

let me tell you how it all happened…………….

so I found myself crushing on someone which I never taught id have interest in the funny part is the more I tried ignoring it the more the feeling got…

the last time I meet up with this person was kind of an awkward moment and crowded by her friends and mine. ok just to cut this story short I like this girl a lot actually I think I’m in love with her I’ve told her but you know how popular is being FRIENDZONED now days so I fell into that trap. it saddens me cause for a very long time of recovering for past heartache I never thought my heart would get this feeling again. or love for that matter.



I know very well she doesn’t feel the same way I do or think of me like that so its the new year cut the girl some slack FRIENDZONE can it please die with 2014 I’ve never been in such a situation so I don’t know how to react or what to do.. well I know I tell God about it every night. so he will deal with it a crush she is yes but truth is I don’t wanna stop crushing on her. the way this makes me feel I seriously don’t care what who will say I just wana look at her all day every day… oh my she just crossed my mind her smile though and her eyes so clear and naughty I won der how I got myself into this crushing business oh well any who that just me sharing half of me….

im signing out now remember to love hard, pray heart ,laugh even when it hurt










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