relationship things

images75OC28YMI got a series of questions that I myself don’t even know if ill ever find answers too…

an acquaintance of mine once said to me “you take relationships seriously neh” I didn’t answer her because I was left confused myself isn’t that the reason to date? to find ourselves in relationships that are serious which lead to marriage…

maybe I got a messed up idea of relationships but I know I don’t wana waste my life being caught in a convenience driven relationship. I mean the whole idea of dating is finding a life partner that will complement you and vice versa. and loves will beam from there, I believe if you compliment one another in more ways than one eternal love will be guaranteed I mean why would I wana leave you if I got all I want in a woman and more???

so another question that keeps popping up is what are the reasons to be in a relationship…

money, comfort, pleasure, company and love does all these things only exist to people in relationships I seriously wonder hey.

I used to think relationships were everything until I had to learn the hard way that not all things seem as they are and convenience pretty much is a number one factor in most relationships so rounding it all up we get into relationships for the wrong reasons be it money, comfort or good sex…


but again contradictory as this may seem. what are the real reasons that we need to give out when asked why are you guys dating? or together?


do we even know why we date or get into relationships?


2 thoughts on “relationship things

  1. Thulip I think and know that we all get into relationship with different expectations. all I can say is we all deserve to love and to be loved unconditionally.


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