when ones sexuality becomes questionable…



I often find myself in situations where I’m forced to answer questions that people have regarding my sexual orientation

“A person’s sexual orientation may influence their sexual interest and attraction for another person.” (taken from Wikipedia)

im often asked why did I chose to be the way iam … I fail to answer such because I don’t know if I chose to be homosexual or it chose me. simply because I do not confirm to the binaries im not confused about my gender identity no does my sexuality confuse me but truth is I fail to answer questions that I don’t have answers too…this to me is like asking a baby boy/girl why they are a boy/girl I mean what will the poor child say really… as for me I know I fall under the LGBTQIA family being the L in the umbrella (LESBIAN).

so apparently a person should look a certain way before they can be regarded as lesbian WOW its crazy I know just cause I put on lip stick and wear heels and high waist pants im not lesbian enough… who ever changed the description of a lesbian must be arrested I promise you.






I never felt the need to be in the closet as many people consider themselves as being there from a very young age I knew I liked queen latifah though it was weird because she is a woman it didn’t bother me but instead I embraced what was inside and started dating girl as I felt fuzzy with girls. with boys I just saw izimpintshi, abogazi *friends* you know what I mean

I was startled when a friend from work that identifies as been butch lesbian questioned me when I said Im straight lesbian she said “pretty girls aren’t lesbo but bi”  but im nor bi never was never would be go to show that yes we identify as all these labels but we are uncertain of what they really mean or about us as individuals. I hate being judged as much as I hate being labeled or put in a corner nobody should be forced to conform to anything.

being a “pretty lady” doesn’t mean I should be heterosexual or bisexual for that matter lets educate ourselves on us and sexuality, gender and sex


just my thoughts share yours