my first time

its the first day of me blogging and I’m so excited I have been procrastinating about starting a blog it has finally happened,

I often share my experiences or info on Facebook which I had felt sometimes is very limiting some stories that I need to share with people never make it to my wall. as the space there usually isn’t big enough I always have a lot to say, even my colleagues say that I’m blubber mouth I don’t mind it cause I’m well aware of that and I’m not shy to speak my mind, growing up has taught me that you owe the world nothing and what you put in is what you get out and luckily for me my mouth has never landed me into trouble but instead got me out of a lot of other things

so this blog is basically about my experiences which means a lot of different things will be discussed or mentioned don’t be surprised when you find yourself making it to this blog I’m not much a picture person but ill add In pictures as often as I can.

this blog will feature a lot of things from music to real life stories and off coarse events not just event but LGBTI events and charity work I do yes yes yes I’m so much into changing lives.

this blog will come in handy for the LGBTI people if you straight and wanting to learn more about the lives of homosexual people you more than welcome to follow through


hope this blog will teach you more about me and how I see this word and get to hear your views and thoughts on this


#theBlaQtulip signing outTHE BLACK TOOLS



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